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March 2014 - Highlights

pasta-projects-2Textiles to Benefit from New Security and Tracking Technologies

Two companies have recently announced or launched new technologies aimed specifically at protecting textiles and apparel from counterfeiting – one based on taggants and the other on RFID.     

Headlines this month

  • News: EU Approves Powers to Seize Counterfeits
  • News: Spectra Completes the Acquisition of Inksure

  • Statistics: EU Observatory Expands Effort to Quantify Infringing Products
  • Nanotechnology: Anti-Counterfeiting Applications for Raman-Detectable Nanoparticles

  • Currency: New Flavour of Security for Coins
  • Market Report: Puzzling Contradictions in Allied's Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Report

  • Awards: Nominations for Tax Stamp Awards
  • Conferences: Milan Maintains Focus as a Regional Event for the Latest in Document Security
  • Awards: Plagiarius Names and Shames



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